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The country wear products are designed for the outdoors, for fishing and hunting and are equally suitable for the countryside or the city. You can go fishing in the countryside, and then go back into town and not feel out of place. No matter whether your weekends are spent shooting in the countryside, or standing on the touchlines, you know that your waxed jacket will keep you warm and dry.

The famous country wear names are synonymous with quality and durability. Some proud owners have had their jackets, trousers or boots for many years. These jackets are designed to be worn daily, and are very functional. Big pockets that are easy to use, even when wearing gloves are an example of the touches that make these jackets so popular. These products really are designed to last a lifetime, and with the right care and maintenance, they do.

Country clothing and accessories are constantly improving, and companies don't rest on their laurels or its illustrious past. As people's clothing requirements change, companies can respond to these changes so that the products are exactly what people want and need. The recently introduced ranges is testament to this. One leading company has products designed by Lord James Percy, one of the most renowned shots of his generation. This range includes highly acclaimed and award winning products, ideal for those who lead an active life outdoors.

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