The Ancient Love Stone For All Ages: 3 Powers Of Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz Crystal Power…

Can it bring you LOVE?  Enhance your HEALTH? Open your heart chakra?

The ancients were on to something…

They knew the secret healing properties of crystals even before modern science proved that crystals have energy vibrations. 

Did you know?

ANCIENT Egyptians buried the dead with quartz laid upon the forehead.  Pharaohs carried cylinders filled with quartz to balance the Ba and Ka energies of the body.

Ayurveda medicine in India uses crystals to heal metaphysical and emotional imbalances with each stone having healing qualities.

CHINESE culture even uses crystal tipped needles in acupuncture and pranic healing sessions.

rose quartz crystal jewelry

So What's In It For You?

Rose Quartz is a beautiful translucent pink stone that radiates unconditional love and heals the heart. It has a calming energy that provides a feeling of relief from worries and fears.  

For women looking for a way to heal the inner self, strengthen relationships, and comfort the heart when times are tough, a beautiful rose quartz crystal can evoke a feminine spirit that calms emotions and creates harmony within.

1. Attract Love Into Your Life (and it looks good on YOU!)


Do you want more love around you?

Wearing pink quartz can call on:

  • The vibrations of love resonating with the Goddess Energy
  • Brings in positive feelings and strong relationships into your life.
  • Place a pendant around your neck to help open your HEART chakra
  • Calming energy from the crystal 
  • Bring you FABULOUS complements from your friends! :)
  • Balancing your energy, simply wear a bracelet with rose quartz

Then… bask in the glow of self-love and self-appreciation, and learn to love yourself like never before.

Feel your inner strength and beauty run through you, and allow the power of the crystal to deepen your love for yourself and your love for those in your life.

2. Heal Inside and Outside

As a mothering crystal that imbues the wearer with maternal love and devotion, rose quartz has the ability to heal your body from the inside out, providing support and strength for your emotional and physical selves.

The balance of feminine energy flowing through the crystal gives you the strength you need to overcome obstacles and fight through challenges in your life.

With the soothing nature of a love stone held near your heart, the inner peace provided by rose quartz can calm your mind and soul.

3. Bring Faith and Hope

When life stands in your way, the mystical power of rose quartz can pick you up, lifting your spirits and giving you the strength to move past the challenges around you.

Allow the vibrations of love and hope flow through you, supporting you with the inner confidence and perseverance you need to move past the obstacles life can present.

With Goddess Energy all around you, you can find strength like never before to face the world with beauty, grace, and the power of love.

A rose quartz stone can bring out the goddess inside you, soothing your spirit and bringing the power of love, hope, and faith into your life.

Rose quartz can nurture you, keeping you grounded and centered in hard times and filling your heart with love in good ones. Whether your life is feeling off-kilter or you want the benefits of harmony and healthy emotions throughout your existence, a rose quartz pendant can transform you into a vessel of feminine energy, resonating through the heart chakras and promoting compassion and adoration.

Wearing a love stone by your heart has the ability to enrich your life, drawing love to you and sending vibrations of love to those you bring close to you.


There are many more POWERFUL benefits of bringing in crystal energy into your life...

Stay tuned for more blog posts that focus on bringing you ZEN and all around good vibes to you!

Thank you for reading and your interest in our 

Namaste, Maria

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