Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace * 50% Off *

$29.99 USD

$14.95 USD


You get the aromatherapy diffuser locket, necklace and 3 pads.

Just put a drop of your favourite oil on your pad and enjoy the benefits of essential oil.

Hurry, this 50% offer won't last long!


Keaton R.
Absolutely LOVE my new Aromatherapy Diffuser! Its awesome to be able to take my essential oils where ever I please :)
Heather C.
I love love love my diffuser necklace! The chain broke BUT it was an easy fix/ replacement! I use essential oils in all aspects of mine and my families life and this necklace is so very useful to have. And pretty!!!
Floyd A.
Friend loves it!
Wendy W.
Very versatile design that looks good both casual and dressy! The open locket face allows good dispersion of essential oils. Thanks for such a nice product!
Tammy V.
I love this necklace!!! I have sensitive skin and this necklace allows me to use my oils on a daily basis and not worry about irritating my skin. I am so glad I got this necklace! I would love to have different sizes (a smaller one I could wear with everything)!!!!
Amanda D.
Absolutely love my necklace I wear it almost every day thank you so much
Gina T.
Wish it had different inserts that can be used for different scents
Andrea A.
Neckless is very pretty. It opens if you take it off the chain, otherwise slots in the flower are big enough to drop oil through. Packaging was nice.
Tiffany P.
Love my diffuser locket! I had no idea there was a second pad in it! The design is great it stays securely closed. My kids love to climb in my lap and grab it and smell it. Totally will get more.